Moby Dick

‘How to find order in chaos?’

An audio-visual spectrum of motifs of sailing, hunting, hulls, death, and the industrial era. Melville, Diviš, and Boudník. Decomposition!

‘In the early hours of February 9th, I had an dream: a colleague from the Academy, who is a very nice person, arranged for me to be put into the strictest psychiatric ward imaginable, promptly and without delay. John reappeared in the dream once more and brought a leather bag with my last hypnotics in it. Were you born? What did you do?’

Moby Dick. A ship called humanity. Where is it sailing to? Breakfast, mast, a first dinner. The hierarchy of the crew tackling nature. Deck. How to maintain morale? Blacksmith. The ship’s instruments. Cetology.  Fish on a line and fish swimming freely. Is the object of pursuit still there?

‘The ship’s navigator remained alive the longest.’ The perseverance of the one buffeted by waves. Man-God in a struggle with nature! Ahab! Bring on death! A staged essay on darkness.