Tichý Tarzan

Simona Petrů, Petr Jan Kryštof, director: Anna Davidová

the purloined diaries of a shadowy figure in erotic photography

An alcoholic obsessed with women; a shabbily dressed thug with greasy hair and a ridiculous camera made out of a toilet-roll tube. Prowling around the outdoor swimming pool, taking pictures of local beauties in their swimsuits. A pervert? Miroslav Tichý!

His neighbours considered him eccentric at best; these days this native of Kyjov is regarded as one of the most important photographers of the 20th century, whose often overexposed or underexposed soft-focus images have become the stuff of legends.

Yesterday a reprehensible voyeur, today a genius – and tomorrow? Avant-garde, Impressionism, Cubism and other types of filth.

For her portrayal of Miroslav Tichý, Ivana Hloužková won an Alfréd Radok Award and was nominated for a Thalia Award.

length: 95 min.