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Thirty: A Horizontal Celebration

Thirty: A Horizontal Celebration

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, the ‘horizontal celebration’ Thirty took place in Husa na provázku Theatre on 17 November 2019

After a considerable length of time, the Centre for Experimental Theatre (CET), and the theatres Husa na provázku and HaDivadlo gathered in one place to celebrate together the Velvet Revolution and the subsequent transformation of our society. For the first time ever, they were joined by the new CET platform for performance art - Terén. This, in itself, made the celebration an extraordinary affair.

The programme of the day was the symbolic number of thirty interviews with thirty personalities, which covered a wide range of topics. We conducted interviews not only with people who remember the events of that time, but also with representatives of the younger generation. These conversations were conceived as a way of both commemorating the past, and, above all, also addressing the need to discuss topics we consider important not only in connection with the development of the last thirty years, but especially today.

The purpose of this ‘horizontal’ event was to eliminate the boundary between the stage and the auditorium, in a sense, eliminating the distance between then and now.

Among other things, the event referred to the historical parallel when the theatres Husa na provázku and HaDivadlo became the first theatres to declare a protest strike in November 1989.

Other features of the celebration were a video projection of unique recordings from that period (screened continuously in a loop in the hall of Husa na provázku Theatre) and an art installation MEMORY WALL with revolutionary slogans, declarations and personal messages. The author of the installation was Matěj Sýkora, who also drew up the scenographic design for the space designated for discussions.